Pencils from Ashes

Pets have a special place in our families and our hearts, and their loss can be devastating. We know how hard it is to come to terms with that, and how overwhelming grief can be.
A way to help you cope is creating a legacy. Their portrait, rendered by a talented artist, will keep the memory of them and your love for them alive.
You can now make this portrait very special because we have developed a technology that allows us to turn their ashes into biographite, which is then used to make the core of a pencil.
Any piece of art created with that unique pencil has a piece of your beloved companion in it and is a lifelong reminder of those happy memories you have of them.


Pencil lead

DAP 1695
Finished products



Portraits drawn with a memorial pencil

How do we do it?

Our laboratory has developed a multi-stage method for purification of the obtained residues to pure graphite. Our know-how includes mechanical, thermal and chemical treatments.
For the production of one pencil, we need hair or fur – 1 gram or ashes – 100 grams.
We first prepare a composition for a polymer graphite pencil lead. We add the biographite to this composition, then the pencil core is created under pressure and at high temperature. High quality red cedar is used to make the body.
It takes over 20 different operations to produce a fully finished memorial pencil.

Cutting the groove for the graphite core of the pencil

Shaping the pencil profile

7The different stages of pencil production


DAP 1697
Finished product in a box

How can I order?

- Send us an email to contact you.
- Fill in the order form
- You will receive a purchase number to confirm the order and payment terms
- Send us the necessary materials by courier
- Once we receive them we will send you a confirmation
- We begin work after we receive 50% of the amount due
- Order completion takes from 4 to 6 weeks
- Upon receiving the remaining 50% of the payment due, we will send your order to your address