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What are memorial diamonds?

What are memorial diamonds?

These are personalized lab-grown diamonds. We take a carbon source, such as ashes or hair, and use it to make a unique gem, which will forever remind you of your loved ones.

How do we grow the diamonds using cremation ashes?

Let’s get more technical for a moment.

The Process

Technical Process


That is why we test the material.

Grinding the ashes

We begin the process by grinding the ashes, then remove the oxygen and hydrogen from them at low temperature.

Chemical treatments

Multi-step chemical treatments with a mix of mineral acids allows to separate and discard the ferric salts, calcium and other inclusions.

Removing the silicon compounds

Removing the silicon compounds is an excruciatingly long and difficult process.

Amorphous carbon

We need to use chemicals with very high purity, medical distilled water, and to strictly observe the technological process in order to obtain amorphous carbon with purity over 98.5%.

Heat treatment at over 2700°C

Heat treatment at over 2700°C in the presence of inert gas transforms its structure into layered graphite with purity over 99.9%. This process is called ‘graphitization’.
The Process

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